More than Conquerors

The following excerpts are from an article by J.R. Miller, found on the Grace Gems website.

"In all these things we are more than conquerors—through him who loved us!" Romans 8:37

We do not need to be defeated in our battles, to sink under our loads, to be crushed beneath our sorrows. We may be victorious. We all have our struggles. Life is not easy for any of us; or if it is—we are not making much of it. A useful life is never easy. It must be from first to last, in the face of opposition...

To be more than conquerors is to be triumphant conquerors, not merely getting through the battle or the trouble—but coming out of it with rejoicing, with song and gladness. Some people bear trial and are not overcome by it—but bear it without any glad sense of victory. Others conquer their sorrow, and all through it you hear as it were, the notes of triumph. Paul himself was this sort of conqueror. His life was one unbroken series of struggles...

Someone compares Paul's life to one who goes along the street in a dark stormy night, singing sweet songs; or to a whole band of music moving through the rain and darkness, playing marches of victory. That is the way we should all try to live as Christians, not merely enduring our trials and coming through our struggles—but doing so enthusiastically—"more than conquerors."


Angela said...

I needed to read this one today! I am excited to learn from God how to live in victory even when bad things happen.

Penn Tomassetti said...

It is strange, yet strengthening when you find out your not the only one who experiences life like this. It comforts me to know how Paul struggled, how J. R. Miller put it, how other believers around the world are suffering, and how Jesus bore it all in His body on the tree. We triumph through Christ - He "always leads us in triumph" (2 Cor. 2:14).

Hey, I'm glad you checked out "Grace Gems." It was pointed out to me a long time ago by someone else.

Nancie said...

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for this very encouraging post. I need to hear this and to be reminded that we are More Than Conquerors [ the name of my blog :) ]

Thank God that no matter what He allows us to go through in this life, He is with us and His grace is sufficient for us. He is working all things for His glory and our good and by His grace, we are more than conquerors through Him Who loved us. May He enable us to glorify Him in whatever fire we have to go through.

I thank God that He enables us to meet through blogging. I enjoy reading your posts and always encouraged by them. Thanks for visiting me and commenting too.

Thanks for your Friendship and encouragements. I have two awards to share with you (Share The Love Award and Friendship Award). Do come over when you have time. Take care and God bless you and family always. Have a blessed weekends!

With appreciation and prayers,

Anonymous said...

I'm passing along the Kindred Spirit Award to you! Blessings, my dear sister!

Sharon said...

This is what my mom has been reminding me of lately. It's also what the Lord has been teaching me this year. By His grace I'm going to get better at rejoicing in a trial.

Sharon said...

I so easily forget that I'm not the only one who feels this kind of thing.