An evening walk...

Nothing to post today so I thought I'd share some pictures I took the other night...
I'm going away for a three day conference in the States with my sister and a friend, (yay!) but I'll be back to posting again on Monday. I hope you all have a nice weekend!


Edie said...

Beautiful pictures Stephanie! Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

Rita Martinez said...

Stephanie!! I hope you, your sister and friend are being edified and blessed richly by the conference, can't what to hear how it all went.
I was reading this morning's devotional and it made me think of you, of your post Ordinary Service, here's what part of the devotional said:
"Many who will read these lines seem powerless to work miracles. For them the monotony of the commonplace, the grey sky of uneventful routine seems the predestined lot. But let all such take heart! The real greatness of life is within their reach, if they will only claim it by the grace of God. Do not try to do a great thing, or you may waste all your life waiting for the opportunity which may never come. But since little things are always claiming your attention, do them as they come from a great motive, for the glory of God and to do good to men. No such action, however trivial, goes without the swift recognition and the ultimate recompense of Christ. All life is so interesting, but we need eyes to see and hearts to understand! Dare to be yourself--a simple, humble, sincere follower of Jesus, and it may be said also of you: "He or she did no miracle, but by life and word spoke true things about Jesus Christ, which we have tested for ourselves. Indeed, they led us to believe in Christ for ourselves."

The devotional talked about John the Baptist and how people do not think much of him because he never worked any miracles and yet many people believed in Christ because they saw that John had said of Jesus were true: John 10:41-42

Just wanted to share that with you.

Penn Tomassetti said...

Hey Stephanie,
Those beans look pretty good in that field! I really like the last sunset picture where the sun is beaming over the horizon. Nice photos. So you crossed over the line to my country... where did you go if you don't mind me asking? Could it have possibly been near one of the great lakes?

Stephanie said...

Rita, that devotional was a blessing to me this morning. Thank you so much for sharing! I hope to do a post or two on some of the things I learned at the conference sometime soon. It was a really great weekend!

Penn, glad you enjoyed the pictures. I didn't realize those were beans - it's a neighbors field. :)

So yes, I ventured into the USofA over the weekend...you have a very beautiful country! At least where we were...we drove about 4 hours, going through the Adirondack mountains to Schroon Lake, NY. Not many people seem to know where that is though! Maybe I'll post some pics.