Friendship Counseling

I came across an excellent series on Boundless webzine that discusses informal counseling from a Biblical perspective. I'm thinking I'll need to print these off for further reflection and future reference. : )

Friendship Counseling Part 1
Friendship Counseling Part 2
Friendship Counseling Part 3

An excerpt from part 1:

How can we help our friends mature? How can they help us? According to Scripture we grow up by "speaking truth in love" (Ephesians 4:15). That phrase, which over the centuries sadly has become cliché, is quite a challenge to really put into practice.

The truth, spoken in love, changes us. The truth, spoken in love, helps others change. Whoever listens and responds to such words grows in maturity.
"Speaking truth" or "telling the truth" doesn't just mean a formal, prepared talk; It's not limited to teaching, preaching, leading a Bible study and the like. It's meant to characterize every conversation we ever have...

How can the right truth meet the right problem? Change happens at the intersection of these two lines of questioning.

So Question #1 is "What are we facing?" To put it more pointedly, what is our struggle right here, right now? Where do we need help?...

Question #2 asks, "What does the Lord say that speaks directly into what we are facing?"...

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