My Muslim Friend

A woman that I work for is a Muslim. As I clean her house, I catch glimpses of her life. Prayer beads and prayer mats in every room. Numerous copies of the Koran open on tables. In the afternoon the TV is turned up and eery strains of the Islamic call to prayer fill the house. If she goes outside, she must wear full Muslim attire. This is her life, every day. Rituals, rules. And what is her hope? That if her good deeds outnumber her bad, if she follows and worships Allah, she might go to heaven. She obeys out of fear. There is no love - this imagined Allah does not care for his subjects.

The beauty and treasure that we possess in Jesus Christ stands in sharp contrast to Islam. We do not, cannot earn our salvation - instead Jesus willingly suffered and died in our place and extends grace to all who will repent and put their trust in Him. (Romans 5:6,8; 10:9)

As I remove a copy of the Koran to dust an end table, I'm filled with gratefulness. I have a Savior, and I know that I will enter heaven one day because of His gift. I strive to live for Him - not out of fear, but in love and thankfulness for all that He has done!

I pray that God will use me to communicate this good news to my Muslim friend.


Penn Tomassetti said...


Thanks for sharing about your friend. I will be praying for you and for her. I'll pray God will put you in an opportunity where she can hear the good news. Muslims think Christianity is just another religion like Islam, and sometimes they think we are all going to the same place in the end. They also believe Jesus was one of the greatest prophets, but they are taught not to believe He is God. They usually agree that the Ten Commandments are God's standard of holiness, and that God will forgive them because He is merciful, but they have no way of reconciling His justice with His mercy - as we do in Christ on the cross!

Nice photo, too.

Jennifer said...

WOW Stephanie, what an opportunity! This woman sure is blessed to have a Godly woman like you as her friend! I will say a prayer for you AND your friend!

Edie said...

Wow Stephanie, it looks like God has placed you there to be a light. I will pray for you both also. Have a great weekend!