Sufficient Grace

"God gives all grace, God makes all grace abound so that you always have all sufficiency for all things and an abundance for all good deeds. This is lavish grace. This is profuse grace. We’re given grace to repent, we’re given grace to believe, grace to be saved. We are given grace to understand the Word of God. We’re given grace to wisely apply the Word of God. We’re given grace to overcome sin. We’re given grace to defeat temptation. We’re given grace to endure suffering, disappointment, pain. We’re given grace to obey the Lord. We’re given grace to serve Him....

God is the only sufficient source of power that can come to our aid in every single situation we will ever face in life..."

- from Sufficient Grace for Humbling Circumstances, Part 1, by John McArthur

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ladyakofa said...

I read a print out of the sermon after work yesterday. I'm glad I did... I'm still mulling over GRACE this morning. Thanks 4 sharing.