Dealing with that longing...

"Yes, that's it! Exactly what I've been learning but have failed to put into words..."

Such was my response to reading John Piper's answer to the question, "How can I long to be married without obsessing about it?" If you're struggling with this, or just want to gain a godly perspective on your season of singleness, you can read the edited transcript of the answer here. (As well as download the full-length audio, which I'm off to do!)

Here's an excerpt, but you're missing out if you don't read/listen to the whole thing!

"A lot of people are just consumed. They can't seem to shake it. And I think the answer there is not so much, "Fight, fight, fight! Stop doing that! Stop doing that!" but rather, 'Devote yourself to knowing and loving God. Immerse yourself in the Word.'"


Kaysie (Alabaster Box) said...

Thank you Stephanie! I am so excited to find this. Thank you for directing me to it. I can't wait to read/listen to the whole thing. I need to hear this...

God bless.

Penn Tomassetti said...

That is sound advice, and I can testify to it as true in my life. Nothing is more satisfying that doing the will of God, and we learn what that is as we immerse ourselves in the Lord's Word. Let us learn to love the Lord and those that are lost instead of only loving ourselves. God bless and may grace sustain you always.

royalblood said...

The Word of God would quench all appetite, even the longing for life long partner.
Am not single but i know how that felt.beside reading the word doing the word helps when one can immerse one self in sharing the word .
In practical Christianity one can find peace from longings or loneliness.The Friend that is beyond all friend its Jesus