Study Matters

"We take so much for granted today about the truth and about the Word that we can hardly imagine what it cost Luther to break through to the truth, and to sustain access to the Word. Study mattered. His life and the life of the church hung on it. We need to ask whether all the ground gained by Luther and the other Reformers may be lost over time if we lose this passion for study, while assuming that truth will remain obvious and available." - John Piper, The Legacy of Sovereign Joy, p. 90.


Phylicia said...

Great quote Steph! Thanks for commenting on my blog... *sigh* I will be back soon. I feel I need to take break to straighten some things out before I speak to others :)
God bless!

Kaysie said...

Oh this is SO good. I joyfully concur! :) How I pray to never loose the passion for studying God's Word.

Thanks for the needed reminder.