I'm Back.

I'm home, amidst piles of laundry and to-do lists...it was nice to read all of your comments! Blogging is fun but it's even more fun when you know people read and appreciate the posts. :) So thank you to all who took the time to comment! Hopefully I'll be back to posting in the next couple days...
By the way, aren't these flowers gorgeous! I found the picture on Jupiter images and am pretending Spring is almost here. In answer to your question, Karen, I didn't go someplace warm - I wasn't even vacationing - it was a work-related trip. But it was good to have some time away. :)


Jade said...

Welcome back Stephanie!! I've been missing your posts! I'm glad you had an enjoyable break=)

In Christ,

Rita Martinez said...

Steph! you're back! glad to have you back :) I know sometimes I don't comment much but I do read and enjoy your posts.
God bless you sis!
Rita M.

Edie said...

Welcome back Stephanie! I'm glad you had a safe trip and enjoyed some time away.

Have a restful weekend! (in between loads of laundry.) :D

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Ladies! I appreciate your warm welcomes. :)

ladyakofa said...

Good to have you back in blogosphere!