What kind of theologian are you?

The Girltalk blog has a series running right now on wise living in each "season" of life. Today's post encouraged single women to "seize your single years and become the best theologian you can to the glory of God"! The following quote by Bruce Milne explains the importance of theology:

“[As] a matter of plain fact every Christian is a theologian!… By virtue of being born again we have all begun to know God and therefore have a certain understanding of his nature and actions. That is, we all have a theology of sorts, whether or not we have ever sat down and pieced it together. So properly understood, theology is not for a few religious eggheads with a flair for abstract debate—it is everybody’s business. Once we have grasped this, our duty is to become the best theologians we can to the glory of God, as our understanding of God and his ways is clarified and deepened through studying the book he has given for that very purpose, the Bible (2 Tim. 3:16)…Getting doctrine right is the key to getting everything else right…At every point right living begins with right thinking.

This year I've been realizing how much I need to grow in my knowledge of God, through knowing His word. Too often I may know what I believe, but if you asked me to support some of these beliefs (beyond the basics) with specific scriptures, I might have a hard time. With diligence in study and humble dependance on God's grace, I pray I might grow. On that note, I'm anxiously waiting for this book to arrive in the mail! (Which, in case you're interested, is like a condensed version of this book.)


Kitty said...

Another suggestion for a book that may help people is Practical Theology for Women by Wendy Horger Alsup. It's a very easy read, that covers the essentials of theology in a way that really helped me to know how to explain theological concepts to others.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the suggestion Kitty! I haven't heard of that one before.