See Your Sin

"Do you know why most Christians are most commonly defeated by sin? I believe it is because their sin has so totally deceived them, that they never really get to the point where they honestly evaluate its reality. They are not dealing with the issue.

They spend so much of their lives justifying their sin as a personality quirk or a product of their environment. They sugar-coat their habitual sins as simply idiosyncrasies of individuality, or some prenatal predilection that their mother had, or whatever. People can become so good at denying the reality of sin that they don’t see it. As a result, they don’t deal with it because they don’t even recognize it for what it is.…"

The above quote is from a recent series by John MacArthur entitled, How To Kill Sin In Your Life. You can find the 3 part series (articles) on the Shepherd's Fellowship site - check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 for some convicting and helpful counsel.

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