His nearness my good.

The hush of evening settles around my quiet room, and I find myself doing nothing but sitting, arms clasped around my knees, watching the gentle flicker of candlelight across the walls. Simplicity. The coolness of the starry night breezes softly through my opened window. It is so peaceful that my thoughts seem to echo aloud in the silence. I think of the Lord, of who He is. What He is teaching me, what I'm learning, what I'm so slow and ignorant to learn. I feel His presence, the unmistakable fullness that calms and strengthens and looks straight into my soul. Nothing is hidden from Him. The all-wise, all-caring God.
His nearness is my good.


Angela said...


ladyakofa said...

I thought the same too, "Beautiful."

Stephanie said...

Thank you, ladies. It was a beautiful moment. :D