Single, and striving to please. (God)

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Snapshots of what we’ve looked at so far in this series: Marriage is normative (most will marry). A healthy desire and vision for marriage is good. It’s wise to prepare for marriage in the ways that we can now, as singles. Marriage is designed for our good and ultimately God’s glory.

Those things said, I think it's time to turn a page to focus on what many of us are living out right now – singleness. While it is important to hold a high view of marriage, and it is good to be intentional about getting married, we are still called to honour God in our singleness. It isn’t honouring to our Lord to harbour impatience, doubt, or resentment in our hearts during this season. If we’re single today, it’s because He’s directed or allowed us to be single today. We’re not in an empty, purposeless waiting period.

I know what it’s like to move back and forth between dishonouring and God-pleasing heart attitudes. One day I might feel tired of waiting – frustrated, fearful of the future, overwhelmed by a desire to love and be loved by a husband, to nurture and love my own little ones. And another day, it’s easier, even desirable to be single – life is exciting, my relationship with the Lord is thriving, and contentment and trust come naturally.

But you know what – as Christians, we’re called to something higher than drifting along with the tide of our current emotional state. Yes, emotions are important, and are created by God – but they can be misinforming. They can’t ultimately be trusted. Instead, we’re called to anchor our lives in something much deeper, something that can hold firm no matter the storm surrounding our souls: truth. Or we could say, the One who is truth.

How does this connect to our singleness? It means that on those days that singleness is hard, we don’t give in to impatience, anxiety or resentment. We don’t allow these feelings to rule our view of life, our view of God, and how God is working in our lives.

We may struggle, but there needs to be a purposeful turning to the Lord. We need to know God because what is true about Him informs how we think about life: is He in control? Is He working all things for my good? Does He care for and love me? Can I trust Him?

How does Scripture address some of these questions and doubts we face while being single? Next post, let's take a look.


julie said...

hey, have you seen fabs' blog series on singleness? it is golden! i think you'd enjoy!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Julie, I'll check it out!