I Recommend...

Lacking many words or much inspiration, and with a new post long-overdue, I thought tonight I'll just share what I've been listening to and reading recently. I love recommendations, so if you have your own, please share in the comments!


What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert

A few chapters in, I'm loving this book. The author cuts through the often foggy or watered-down salvation message prevalent today and gives a clear, Scriptural explanation of the gospel. I think this is a great resource for learning to clearly communicate the gospel to unbelievers, but is also an excellent read for believers who want to more deeply understand and rejoice in the gospel themselves.

Radical (Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream) by David Platt

I got this book for Christmas and have skimmed through it, but am waiting for my sister-in-law to get a copy so we can read at the same pace and discuss. I've listened to some sermons by David Platt in the past, and I don't think this book will disapoint. I think the church desperately needs a wake-up call in many areas of discipleship, (this includes me) and I'm looking forward to examining my own heart and life as I go through this book.

Listening to:

All Things New (Red Mountain Music)

I appreciate this group, who's focus is "arranging new music for all-but-forgotten hymn texts."
The lyrics are rich, prayerful, and honest, and the music refreshing.

I Belong (Kathryn Scott)

Worshipful, thoughtful lyrics, and a good mix between up-beat and quiet.

I like her version of a familiar hymn, What a Friend We Have in Jesus. And just because I like you, I found it on Youtube so you can listen in:

Have you discovered some music or picked up a good book lately?


Michelle said...

Sounds like you're reading some really great books. My family was recently given a copy of David Platt's "Radical." I hope to read it sometime this year, it looks really good!


Stephanie said...

Yeah, hope you enjoy, Michelle!

Anna said...

Thanks for sharing these recommendations. I wasn't sure if "Radical" would be a good read - if it was more emergent-church - but it sounds like it would be. And I loved the Kathryn Scott song.

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