Edie from Rich Gifts ( a very sweet lady who I've come to know a bit through blogging) has asked me to join in answering the question, "What's Your Passion?"

Hmm... there could be many answers to that question. I could say hanging out in my garden swing in my pyjamas with a good cup of coffee on a Saturday morning...buying too many books...giving my baby niece too many squeezes...oh, wait a minute. I think I need to re-read the instructions...ah, okay! God-given passions. What God has given me a heart for...

Knowing His Word. Walking in truth. Helping others to do those things...but the one thing I'm really filled with a passion for right now is trusting God. Do I really trust Him? Do I trust Him enough to surrender my will, my emotions, my own plans and dreams and desires...all of it? Everything? I want to learn to trust my Lord completely, and for this to be evident in my life. It's one thing to know that He is trustworthy, but it's another to live this out daily in my attitudes and actions. It's something I'm learning to do, slowly, some days making progress and somedays faltering, but by His grace I'm growing.


Chatty Kelly said...

Hi Stephanie. I'm visiting from Edie's blog. I could relate to your pjs & coffee passion. Coffee would have been one of my great passions - not God given.

But yes, my passion is my faith in God, and my family.

It was so nice to meet you. I loved what you said in your sidebar about Christians coming together through blogging. I felt like I have met so many friends! And the Holy Spirit communes between us to connect in a way that is not possible throught the internet!

Bless you.

Edie said...

Hi Stephanie! I'm so glad you joined us. I'm in the same swing with you. Let's have coffee and trust in God, and teach others to do the same. [He made coffee, we can be passionate about it. :D]

Tammy R said...

I dropping in from Edie's blog.

I can see just by your writing you do have a passion for God's Word.

I think with God's truth in your heart it gets easier to trust.

Enjoyed your blog,

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, I can truly relate to everything you wrote (except for me it is tea instead of coffee... :).
Actually the Lord has just revealed to me yesterday that I don't trust Him wholeheartedly. It hurt to be confronted with that, but He also urged me to throw off anything that is distracting me from that trust and fully cling to my Savior.

Thanks for sharing. I was a blessing.


PS: I LOVE the picture for this post! ;)

Stephanie said...

Hi ladies, thank you all for visiting and for your nice comments! It's always an encouragement to me to meet other christians through blogging. :)