God's Plan for Victory Over Sin

The following are some notes from one of the messages at the conference I attended over this past weekend. They are pretty brief and a little scattered but hopefully you will be challenged or encouraged at least by the Scriptures listed.

1) Fully Embracing the Holy Spirit’s direction and enablement

- Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit (Matt 4:1). God never says “Go” and sends us on our way – He leads us, goes with us.

Walking by the Spirit:

It is a progression (Galatians 5:16)
It is a battle (Galatians 5:17)
I am not alone (Galatians 5:18)
There will be victory (Galatians 5:25)
It requires submission (Galatians 5:25)

Application: Are my daily decisions revealing the fruit of the Spirit or the works of the flesh?

2) Fully Knowing and Leaning on the Word of God

- Jesus refuted the devil’s lies and resisted temptation by quoting God’s Word. (Matthew 4:3-11)
- Memorize Scripture to combat Satan’s lies

Application: The truth of Scripture provides the best defence because the temptation to sin always involves some sort of lie. (John 8:44; Gen 3:4,5)

3) Fully Committed to Prayer

- Jesus prayed early (Mark 1:35), prayed late (Mark 6:46), and prayed long (Mark 14:32).
*Book suggestion: The Hour that Changes the World

Application: Is there a spirit of humility, urgency, and alertness in my prayer life?

4) Fully Submitting to the Will of the Father

- Jesus expressed His desire but was fully submissive to the Father’s will. (Luke 22:42)

Application: Am I consciously, deliberately and willingly submitting my human desires to the Father’s perfect will?


Penn Tomassetti said...

"- Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit (Matt 4:1). God never says “Go” and sends us on our way – He leads us, goes with us."

I like that saying. So this is part of the conference you were at?... well I thought you may have gone to Minneapolis for the Desiring God one.

Stephanie said...

No, but I wish I could have gone to the Desiring God conference! Maybe someday. This was only a small young adults conference (60 people?) at Word of Life's Inn and conference center in Schroon Lake, NY. It was a good time of learning and fellowship.