Thoughts on Discipline

Flipping through an old journal last night, I found some notes I had copied on discpline from K.P Yohannan's book Against the Wind. So here you are friends, some thoughts to inspire you as you plunge into another week of perhaps ordinary, seemingly mundane tasks...

...Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness. 1 Tim 4:7

"Vital to the servant of God's life and ministry is self-discipline. Without it, no army can win a war, no athlete can win the prize and no servant of God can move into the things God has for him...

No matter how able, educated or gifted a person is, he will never fulfill the call of God on his life without self-discipline...

Self discipline is like a mighty wind. If we set the sail of our life according to this wind rather than against it, we are able to go places and accomplish things that otherwise we would not. By it we either move onward or remain where we are."

and of course, it's all about striving according to His power, not mine!

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Rita Martinez said...

Agree completely!
hmmm I might have to get one of those books.
Thanks for this Steph!
God bless ya!