Do you "preach the gospel to yourself" daily?

In thinking back to this post, I want to point you to an article by Jerry Bridges called Gospel-Driven Sanctification. Why is this topic so important? Mr. Bridges explains,

"As I see it, the Christian community is largely a performance-based culture today. And the more deeply committed we are to following Jesus, the more deeply ingrained the performance mindset is. We think we earn God's blessing or forfeit it by how well we live the Christian life."

The good news of the gospel is not only that we (believers) will be accepted into heaven, but that we are daily accepted by God because of Jesus' sacrificial death and righteousness. As Mr. Bridges words it,

"...it is the gospel that continues to remind us that our day-to-day acceptance with the Father is not based on what we do for God but upon what Christ did for us..."

If, like me, you've ever struggled with this "performance mindset", I encourage you to read the whole article. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic whether you read the article or not though!

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