I took a walk tonight into the cool spring dusk - down along fields and farmland, watching the sun set in a deep pink and orange sky. There's a beautiful grave yard not far from my house; I love to go there and think. (It's not morbid, I promise!) It always amazes me how grateful and renewed I feel after a while spent wandering along the pathways and reading the inscriptions on the headstones. Grateful for life. Renewed in perspective.

I wondered how many believers were buried beneath the ground I walked on. I wondered what advice for living they might offer me if they could look down from heaven and see me pause, face turned towards the emerging stars.

God is so good to love us, to give us a place in this whole history of humanity. Time is so precious.
How will we spend it?


Angela said...

Beautiful thoughts, Steph!

Kendra said...

I was thinking about life and the stories tombstones can tell the other day at my great uncle's burial. Some good, some bad, but each person has a story about their life. Makes me wonder what I should have put on my tombstone so that those who wander among the stones will be encouraged to turn their eyes and hearts to Jesus.