From His Hands

The words came to my mind as I was putting badminton rackets away in the shed behind our house this evening. The smell of hay and old wood and tools, and the wind brushing my face as I turned and stepped outside again, long shadows from the setting sun sweeping over the lawn -

It was a like a whisper in my spirit; I had to stop and stand in the damp grass and look up at the sky.

In everything give thanks. In everything give thanks.

Suddenly all the little things from this evening seemed especially from the hands of my caring heavenly Father.

- Barbecued hamburgers and potato salad for supper.
- A June evening beautiful beyond description.
- Working in the yard with my mom and sister; deep purple irises stretching their heads to heaven, dripping with water from my tin watering can.
- Being chased by a little brother and sprayed with water.
- Throwing Frisbees.
- Playing badminton with brothers until my muscles burn - running across a shady lawn and laughing at their stunts.
- Taking a long walk towards the setting sun with my MP3 player and this music...

Ordinary, simple things, but I'm seeing tonight that they are really good gifts, given by the Lord. All undeserved. So often, I take little things for granted. I don't stop and offer thanks for them as I should. Instead, I focus on the things I want changed - problems or pain in my life and in the lives of those I love....but you know what? I saw my Lord's gracious care for me in little things tonight, and I know He is faithful in the big things also. He's the God who acts in behalf of the one who waits for Him, and while we wait, we can enjoy His goodness.


Jennifer said...

Aw I love our Savior and sweet summer nights!!

Penn Tomassetti said...

Amen! Last night (Saturday June 6) we were discussing this very same verse during dinner after an afternoon of witnessing to a lot of people on the streets of Philadelphia. We were discussing how, though we may not know where exactly God wants us to be in the near future, we do know exactly what His will for us is right now based on that verse, which is to give thanks to Him in everything.

Praise the Lord!

Rita Martinez said...

These thoughts exactly filled my mind as I prayed before my dinner tonight, it is amazing how the Lord provides so many things to us who were once his enemies, what a loving Saviour and God have we in Christ :)

Kaylene said...

I've experienced moments like that. An overwhelming awareness of all God has done for me. Its like my eyes were opened and my complaints became minuscule. How GOOD He IS.

Stephanie said...

AMEN to all your thoughts. :D

Phylicia said...

Hey Steph!

Sorry it's been so long since I visited your blog... I have been so distracted lately and just got back to blogging myself.

I love this post. I was thinking about this verse the other day and it's so true, that in everything, we can give thanks... any time, any where, for anything!!

Missed you!
In Him

Stephanie said...

Hi Phylicia! I'm glad you stopped by again, it's good to hear from you. :) I look forward to following your writing again as well! God bless!