Well hello there.

This blog has been neglected. Maybe I am the only one who's noticed. :)
BUT, I'm planning on getting back to more frequent writing and posting over the summer, starting soon. I hope. Meanwhile, a couple things you might want to check out:

The Daily Spurgeon widget on my sidebar - just scroll down to read; click it to add to your own blog. I love Spurgeon, so if you do too, enjoy!

Why We Believe the Bible (The Inspiration, Inerrancy, and Authority of the Bible) This is a series by John Piper, taught as a seminar for The Bethlehem Institute. You can download all five messages for free online, or watch the videos. The seminar notes are also available for free. Just go HERE for the links. Again, all for free! I'm so grateful to Desiring God for their generosity in offering this crticial series (like most of their content) as a free resource!

That's it for now people. Always remember to stop and look up through the trees when you are lying on a blanket with a good book this summer!


Penn Tomassetti said...

Thanks for the update Stephanie. Especially for the Piper series link! Nice photo too!

Edie said...

Hey Stephanie! I love Spurgeon. I have my home page set to his daily devotionals.

It's good to hear from you. I haven't been blogging much either for a while. Just getting back in the swing of things.

Gorgeous picture!

Anonymous said...

You're back!!!! ;) Will be looking forward to more posts soon! Have a lovely day!

Em said...

You aren't the only one that reads your posts. I'm horrible at blogging, so no worries. Actually, I think I'm switching more and more to Facebook for notes and updates and pictures.
Ahh, the quick advance of technology.