Notable moment of the day...

Running inside to a second-hand shop in a thunderstorm and spotting two books on the shelf that I've wanted to read, but didn't want to purchase at full price. (Safely Home and Surprised by Joy) That settled it - an afternoon at home with a hot drink, candles burning, and a stack of good reads nearby was in order!

My mom never sees little things like that as coincidences, but rather, evidences of God's kindness and interest in the smallest parts of our lives. I want to emulate her example in receiving them with attention and greatfulness.

What about you? What are some small ways in which God has shown His kindness to you lately?


Anonymous said...

God has been so good and it overwhelms me! He's blessed me with such kindred spirit friends in the Lord and has filled my days with little joys and excitements! It shows me how He deeply cares and loves me despite my failures and frailities!

Jennifer said...

Aw I LOVE those moments! For me it can be something as simple as a shooting star, or pretty sky!

I'm glad God gave you such a great gift!