The Power to Forgive and Conquer Our Sin

Every other Friday night I have the privilege of listening to some faithful men preach the gospel on the street using a sketch board, and they are always diligent to present the truth that it is because of our sin that we need saving. Such a simple statement, and yet sometimes missed in modern gospel presentations. The main issue is not that we need love, and fulfillment, and purpose in our lives (we do, but that is not the point of the gospel) - it is that we have offended a loving, holy, pure and just God with our sin, and without forgiveness, will be sent to hell. To approach Him, to fellowship with such a God, we desperately need a righteousness that is not our own. That is why Jesus Christ is good news - He payed the penalty for our sin so that we might be restored to God in faith and repentance. "For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast." Eph. 2:8,9

Most who read this blog already have an understanding of those truths - but even we who are saved are to meditate on and rejoice in the gospel. :)

For that reason, I've started reading (again) The Gospel According to Jesus. I want to have a firm grasp on the message we are called to share. I found the following quotes from MacArthur to be a refreshing reminder of the simple, yet powerful truth of the gospel:

"Sin is no peripheral issue as far as salvation is concerned; it is the issue...the distinctive element of the Christian message is the power of Jesus Christ to forgive and conquer our sin. Of all the realities of the gospel, none is more wonderful than the news that the enslaving grasp of sin has been broken...

The gospel according to Jesus is first of all a mandate for repentance...From the beginning of Jesus' ministry, the heart of His message was a call to repentance. In fact, when our Lord first began to preach, the opening word of His message was "Repent" (Matt. 4:17). It was also the first word of John the Baptist's message (Matt. 3:2) and the basis of the gospel the apostles preached (Acts 3:19; 20:21; 26:20). No one who neglects to call sinners to repentance is preaching the gospel according to Jesus."

Which verses do you (or would you) most often use in communicating the gospel to unbelievers?

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