Pause, and seek this One...

" I know there is One keeping company with me who knows everything about me at this (and every) moment - my thoughts, my motives, my fears, my aspirations, my emotions, my anxieties, my mental and physical condition - and who loves me beyond my comprehension.

I know that the One whose presence surrounds me as the universe surrounds the earth has all power and is bringing all the world to His appointed conclusion. I perceive the presence of the One who has been an earthbound man like me and understands me thoroughly, and before whom I will stand in judgement.

I engage the One who gave His life - from His first breath in Bethlehem to His last heartbeat on Calvary - to atone for my sins and who rose again to bring me to His heavenly home."

- Donald S. Whitney


HIS daughter said...

Oh! Thank you so much for this reminder! We serve such a great God!!!

Jennifer said...

Once again, I really needed to hear that Stephanie! We do serve a great God- one that I am so unworthy of! Thanks for the reminder!