I trust these hands...

Yesterday's Grace Gem corresponded well with my last post. I need this kind of truth engraved on my heart like markings in wet cement - so it is there even when changing emotions may tell me otherwise!

"He who did not spare His own Son but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also with Him graciously give us all things?" Romans 8:32

If God has given His Son to die for us, let us beware of doubting His kindness and love in any painful providence of our daily life. Let us never allow ourselves to think hard thoughts of God. Let us never suppose that He can give us anything that is not really for our good.

Let us see in every sorrow and trouble of our earthly pilgrimage—the hand of Him who gave Christ to die for our sins. That hand can never smite us except in love! He who gave His Son to die for our sins—will never withhold anything from us that is really for our good. Let us lean back on this thought and be content. Let us say to ourselves in the darkest hour of trial, "This also is ordered by Him who gave Christ to die for my sins. It cannot be wrong! It is done in love! It must be well!"

- J.C Ryle


Rosanne said...


I wanted to say hi as I've stopped by your blog several times (found it off of Alabaster Box). Your blog is lovely and encouraging! And the template--I liked it so much that I used it for my own blog.

A few posts down you have the song "If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee"...I have a CD with that song and it is so beautiful!


Stephanie said...

Hi Rosanne, thanks for commenting! It means alot to me that this blog might be an encouragement to someone in some small way.

I found that song in a hymbook, but I've never heard the music. I have a lot of songs in my head lately, I'll have to share some more sometime. :)

God bless!

His sheep said...

Additional verses and a MIDI file at:


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the link, His sheep!

His sheep said...

You're welcome! That site is a treasure trove. It is delightful on occasion to just pick a title and see if there are more stanzas than I am familiar with or to browse through the list of authors to see what other songs they wrote.