I'm loving this season...

Dear October,

I wish you would stay a while. Like, longer than a month.
I enjoy your relatives, September and November, but I'm particularly fond of you.
The other evening, I surprised my younger brothers with an invitation to ramble in some nearby woods with me. I am often too busy to spend time with them, and it was a treat. I loved the way you wrapped them in amber light and whisked them down the trail, chasing adventure.

I love your blue skies and your shades of purple and your sharp, clean air, smelling of woodsmoke.

I like the way your wind sounds like whispered secrets in the cornstalks.

You make good company with pumpkin-spice scented candles and scattered pine cones and a pot of loose-leaf tea on a cold night.

Thanks for making me slow down and appreciate the beauty my God creates, a season that speaks of endings and tiptoes towards death but promises a new beginning and life abundant in the spring to come.

Like I said, you're welcome to stay longer, but maybe your fleeting treasures are all the more precious because of their brevity.



(Photos my own)


Anonymous said...

Very pretty pictures and it is true. It is always a joy to appreciate God's creation which reminds us of His love. I love the season too.

BILL HUNT said...

You are so poetic and your PICS are fabulous. Thank you for the delight.
In Florida, I'm so glad to see the fall cool. Temperatures dropped from 90's to 80's to 60's in the morning. I actually put on my cloth jacket yesterday and today.
God's great blessings to you,